Genetic research at the laboratory

Research team discovers lupus gene’s role

BLK controls autoantibody creation in the immune system.

Earth Day_Thumbnail

Vigilance against pollution makes for a happy Earth Day

Awareness and effort have curbed some deadly forms of pollution.


Chickasaw Nation makes major gift for cancer research at OMRF

Funding will renovate labs and recruit new cancer scientists.

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OMRF honors scientists, long-time director

Dr. Kathy Sivils received the Gaylord Prize for Scientific Achievement.


Allergies: A springtime horror story

The histamines are coming from inside the body!


Anthrax research is about more than bioterrorism

Understanding anthrax could lead to therapies for other deadly medical threats.


“Master key” for lupus genes could lead to new therapies

Transcription factors can turn on or off genes in the disease.


Teen leaders plan Hunt 4 Hope to fund childhood disease research

Children ages 3-12 can hunt eggs while supporting research at OMRF.

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Musical hallucinations teach researchers about MS pathways

Insights could help diagnose patients mentally affected by MS.

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Research reveals new depths of complexity in nerve cells

Using mutant worms, researchers discovered a new function in neurons.