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OMRF scientist selected for high-profile breast cancer grant

Funds will further studies in metastatic breast cancer


Putnam City Cancer Classic 5K set for Nov. 1

Putnam City's 5K and fun run will raise funds for OMRF cancer research


OMRF seeks applicants for 2015 science internships

Fleming Scholar Program applications are due Feb. 1


Three new grants bring $5.1 million to OMRF and Oklahoma

New funding streams will launch studies in cancer, influenza and lupus.


Viruses on the rise: How to protect yourself

From Ebola to the common cold, the old standby advice still prevails.

PC Fundraiser_Thumb

Putnam City donates $98,000 to cancer research at OMRF

Students, teachers and district supporters continue fight against cancer


Grant renewals bring $14.2 million to OMRF programs

Awards will fund research in cancer, heart disease, lupus and other areas

Towering Achievement_Thumb

OMRF tower receives international research lab award

Tower selected from more than 30 entries for best sustainable lab facility


Students: To make the As, catch more Zs

Teens need as much sleep as preschoolers, but seldom get it.

Celebrate 68_thumb

OMRF marks 68 years of discovery and innovation

A mere dream for Oklahomans in 1946 is a thriving reality today